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  • Jan

    Latest Rehearsal News 28/01/2013

    Had a great rehearsal at Brad’s last night….. We have nearly completed 2 more tracks for our new EP which we are hoping to record sometime around April if we can raise the funds through putting on gigs.

    We have written an Alicia Keys inspired song called ‘Ready for Love’ which I’m hoping your all going to love as much as me and the boys do and a more darker track called ‘On the Outside’. That could be subject to change as I’ve already changed it 2 times!! : )

    We then rehearsed the set list for Saturday’s gig at the Bradstow Mill in Broadstairs!! Really looking forward to blowing you guys away so make sure your there : )


    Milly x

  • Jan

    Happy New Year!

    Milly Mae 30 June 2012  50

    I would just like to say Happy New Year to my followers, likers and devoted friends and family!! I hope this year is going to be as action packed as last year!!
    I hope to bring out a new EP that becomes as successful as our last album ‘Extracts of the Heart’ and we are hoping to put together a UK tour!!
    You will be informed about any up and coming information on my website so……watch this space.